Dooge Guitars, Rat Rod Series, a

different kind of relic.

Dooge Guitars offer an exciting alternative to the typical relic theme. They are influenced by Rat Rods, the alternative to Hot Rod custom cars.   Our guitars are built to look nasty. We are not pretending they are old or that they are replicas of old, classic solid body electrics.   Like Rat Rod custom cars and bikes, we build our guitars to evoke a feeling and look, mixing and matching parts and finishes to produce a unique instrument every time.   If your idea of a relic guitar is about the look and playability rather than reproducing a replica of an age-specific instrument, Dooge Guitars Rat Rod Series just might have something of interest to you, or may inspire you to contact us with an idea you would like us to build for you.   We always have a range of guitars, basses and one-off acoustic guitars in stock. We can also put together custom built guitars to suit your requirements.
Dooge Guitars Wallsend Memorial Hall 4 Frank Street Wallsend NE28 6RN
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Call:  0756 3720897
Call:  0756 3720897